The War in Heaven

Mr. French is tasked with ushering in the apocalypse, but he may be foiled by the evil Puppet Master—or the beautiful bartender who steals his heart and reveals a new view of humanity, in the form of the sacred feminine, as the clock ticks…


History: How could a modern human skull be dated over eight hundred thousand years old?

Science: What is causing the solar system’s climate change?

Religion: Why were certain books left out of the Bible?

Anthropology: Why did humans evolve when apes have not?

Politics: Who is truly behind the concept of a New World Order and what is their agenda?

Astrology: Is the universe finite or infinite?

There are certainly more questions to be asked, and you will see me ask them throughout the following pages. Who is it that provided the answers we have come to know as truth and what is the purpose of that truth? Who really calls the shots out there in the world and deep within the corridors of our minds as well? What truly is the meaning and purpose of life and death?


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