The War in Heaven: Secrets of the Controlling Elite

It’s a story the Bible barely mentions: the fall of the angels and its impact on humanity. Giving up their place in heaven, these celestial creatures instead chose to lay with earthly women, all of whom have been forgotten—except one, a girl who was taken from her village against her will and who vowed that one day she would rise again.

In the twenty-first century, her spirit has been reborn in the form of the Waif, a beautiful but brash bartender who has both attitude and a withering sense of hope. She meets by chance, a mysterious man who steals her heart and charms her spirit.

But Mr. French brings some secrets and complications to their relationship to the concern, chagrin, and watchful eyes of French’s handlers. As a shadowy assassin who works for an underground, clandestine agency steeped in conspiracy and danger, he has the solemn duty to bring about the apocalypse. The long forgotten feelings of love that the Waif has awoken in him make him ambivalent about ending the world, but Mr. French knows the evil lurking in humanity—and the new enemy that has arisen.

The Puppet Master has ties to the mob and craves world domination and only Mr. French can stop him. The conflict is certain to end in planet-wide chaos and war, but will the war between Mr. French’s dedication to duty and French’s newfound compassion for humanity in the form of the sacred feminine, decide the final battle?

Join us in an exploration of issues and events that live on today such as Russian meddling, the “me too” movement and global chaos. What is the true cause of these never ending and escalating conflicts? Who is it that truly controls events that effect us all? What do we, seemingly innocent observers, do to protect our interests?